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Finally, the complete PRESENTATION and INFLUENCE training System is available!

I have created the world’s most complete persuasive speaking course ever! I call it, “The Influencer’s Playbook for One-to-many Presentations”.

It’s everything I’ve learned over the last 8 years as a professional speaker and influencer.  I have delivered over 2700 live presentations in the US, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.  This system can take anyone with any level of speaking and teach them how to become a master presenter in just 10 weeks.

“There were 126 people and I sold 88, By Far The Highest Conversion I Had Experienced… There Is No One Else that Far Exceeded Whatever The Fee I Paid Them Versus The Value They Created Than Roberto Monaco…I endorse him 100%…”
Garrett Gunderson, New York Times Best Selling Author
“After only working with Roberto for one month, my sales from the stage went up over 300%! Thanks Roberto!”
Phil Tirone, 7 Steps to 720
“I’m looking forward to speaking …I have REAL LIFE skills…that’s going to transform my business, transform my career and transform my relationships with my clients…”
Chau Lai, Pacific Advisors
“In no uncertain terms, I am the speaker I am today because of what Roberto Monaco has taught me.”
Tim O'Brien, President - The Personal Branding Group
“I haven’t learned ANYTHING that has given me as much value in business as I have learned from Roberto…”
Dave Savage, CEO - The Mortgage Coach
“If you want to take your speaking career to the Next level, this is where you want to be!”
Bob Donnell, Founder -
“If you have any thoughts of doing business, and you want to be able to impact people, or you want to be able to sell a product, you cannot afford to miss this, you can not afford to miss what they have to teach…”
Greg Anderson, Founder - My Guru System
“You will understand the keys of influence and persuasion and you will be able to incorporate them into your business…I can now write copy 200 times better then I was able to because of the structure that we have for the speech…”
Demetrios Tzortzis, Founder - Fresh Twist Media
“You will experience transformation in your life, that you can apply immediately, and see immediate results, for your presentations, for your speaking, for your sales, for everything”
Satema Gali, Super Bowl Champion
“I can take these concepts and influence the people that I train who can then go ahead and influence their clients and gain more business out of it”
Gibran Nicholas, Chairman & CEO - CMPS Institue
“What I Learned at This Workshop Would Have Saved Me Years…”
Ron Quintero, Make My Phone Ring

“I hate to be a cliché, but you had me at hello. In just 20 minutes of your instruction, I had more clear instruction on how to be a positive impact on others, than other course I have taken! You didn’t just just give me theories, you gave me a blueprint on what to do.”
Carl White, Founder - The Mortgage Marketing Animals

Other Client Names You May Recognize…

Dan Sullivan, Founder - Strategic Coach

Wesley Sierk, Best Selling Author

Joe Sweeney, Best Selling Author

“How Do I Do It?”

My experience tells me that if you lack persuasive speaking abilities it is because you are weak in one or more of four areas.  The Influencer’s Playbook is designed to address those four problem areas and has 50+ Videos to do just that:

Pillar 1)    Influence Presentation Psychology(IFP). Traditional “mindset” IS important because if you know what to do and how to do it and can’t get past what’s holding you back internally, you’ll never get the results you want. (That sick, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes from the ‘thought’ of public speaking is one thing that stops 90% of people from forging ahead to the next level.) But ‘traditional mindset’ is not enough. Influence Presentation Psychology (IFP) is not just about overcoming fear… it’s about creating results… it’s about developing NEW BELIEFS that are required to influence audiences.

Pillar 2)    Lack of Presentation Structure. Knowing “What”, “How”, “Why” and “When” to say it — will create engaging, entertaining and effective communication. (And you know that most of the people who teach influence seminars, even the high-end “superstars,” don’t really teach you how to do what they do–I WILL!) When people don’t know to create presentations they get overwhelmed and stressed out (because it is time consuming) or become afraid of sounding “boring” (because their content is NOT unique). Speakers that aren’t fearful but don’t follow a structure tend to ramble or ‘data dump’ causing their audiences to get bored or short circuit—costing themselves money.

Pillar 3.)  Increments of Influence. Its possible to have an unshakable mindset and have a logically structured presentation and still not ‘move’ your audience to take your desired action. There are formulas, laws and principles that govern Influence and Persuasion.  Increments of influence will put the science of influence on your side. (Nothing worse than giving a dynamite presentation and then having participants shake your hand and give you compliments like ‘great presentation’…’great information’….or worse yet ‘you’re such a great speaker’….. and they DIDN’T TAKE ACTION!!).

Pillar 4)    Delivery. Some research studies imply that body language, vocal control and presence account for more than 70% of non-verbal communication. If you have an amazing mindset, a great presentation structure and have applied increments of influence but you are not delivering powerfully, un-consciously you will not be perceived as certain, as a leader and you are in danger of not moving your audience into action.

“What Life-Changing Skills Will I Learn?”
Each of the Four Pillars of The Influencer’s Playbook has Videos, Downloadable Mp3’s and pdf’s (if applicable) teaching you the following:

Pillar #1 Influence Presentation Psychology(IFP):

  • What are the Beliefs of a Master Influencer?
  • How our reasons effect our outcomes
  • The Power of Focus
  • The Power of emotional states
  • How to take Action (even when you don’t feel like it)
  • How to expand your Identity
  • What is the role of Preparation?
  • How our Biological Programming impacts our psychology

Pillar #2 Presentation Structure:

  • How to really know your audience
  • How to determine your outcomes
  • Develop the 3 T’s
  • How to create a title
  • How to brainstorm
  • Addressing ALL Learning Styles
  • An explanation of Frameworks
  • How to create powerful Openings
  • What are Pre-frames (one of the most persuasive techniques you can learn)

Pillar #3 Increments of Influence: Story Selling

    • 10 reasons why you need to use storyselling
    • Why most people don’t use storyselling
    • What will happen if you don’t use storyselling
    • Storyselling Examples
    • How to tell a captivating story
    • The 5 stories you MUST know
    • What is the “Hero’s Journey”story?
    • How to create and tell your Hero’s Journey


Pillar #4 Delivering a Powerful Message:

    • You looking at me?! (What’s the deal with eye contact)
    • How to manage your energy
    • What is the truth about body language
    • The subtle art of silence
    • Um..”Filler words”
    • VOLUME!!!, teeemmmpppo, and voice control


I have divided the course material into 10 weekly “consumption blueprints”.

The reason I did this is because my past coaching clients would look at all the information that is included and would go into a vulcan-mind-melt!

“What am I Prepared to Do About That?”
So, what I have done is broken the 50+ videos into 10 weekly lessons… each lesson builds on the previous weeks.
Each blueprint has that weeks videos to watch as well as an implementation exercise.  This is an exercise designed to get you applying the new skills you just learned!

Here is an example of Week #1:

“How Much Am I Going to Invest
to Become A Master Influencer?”
That is a valid question.

But, I am going to answer that question with another question…

“What would you be willing to pay to learn these LIFE-LONG skills that will allow you to make as much money as you want…improve the relationship with your spouse… influence your children to make ‘smart choices’?”

It’s hard to put a price on such a powerful and life changing skill.

We regularly charge $3500 to attend our LIVE 3 day event to teach this material.  This fee doesn’t include a copy of the event on DVD.

With the Influencer’s Playbook, you will be able to watch, take notes, apply the insider’s information, re-watch, improve and rinse and repeat… over and over again for life!!

For a modest investment of $997 $497 today, you can start to create the life and business reserved for the influential!

“Easy to Buy”

To purchase the “The Influencer’s Playbook” simply click on the “Order Now” button below.  By clicking the “Order Now” button I understand in as little as ten weeks I will be able to:

  • Overcome any fear of public speaking I have…never suffer from anxiety again!
  • I’ll have unstoppable confidence.
  • Develop content Super FAST…even if it is “last-minute”
  • Look and sound like a professional presenter
  • I’m going to learn how to make the audience want to be like me.
  • Influence more people to my point of view…friends, enemies, my spouse and my children.
  • Tell captivating stories…I’ll be able to mesmerize my audience with my stories.
  • Have access to 10 weekly “consumption blueprints”… so I am able to digest all the amazing information.
  • and much much more


Our Best In The Industry 100% Money Back Guarantee

Watch all our videos, use all 8 of our blue prints and if at the end you aren’t feeling guilty about how little you paid for this life-changing content…we will refund 100% of your money and you can keep the product and all the bonuses!

Option #1 (Pay in Full)

1 time investment of just $497.00


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